As per their academic requirements, students are required to write essays on topics that have been assigned to them. There are times when students wonder how to write essay in English?

Writing essays brings qualities such as clear and effective communication to the fore. This will not just bring success to you at an academic level, but also augurs well for your professional career as a whole.

In this article, we will share some tips that help you write winning essays based on your requirements. However, first, we can help define the different types of essays.

What is an essay?

One of the very basic definitions of an essay is a piece of writing on any single topic. There are cases wherein an essay is intended to share information with the readers on any particular subject. But at times, the intention of writing an essay is to convince the reader to agree to the writer’s viewpoint.

In general, an essay will have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The different types of essays are:

Descriptive essays

If it is a descriptive essay that you are writing, you’d be sharing a description of something with your readers. This could be an experience, person, or a place and helps your readers picturize the topics mentally.

Definition essays

A definition essay will share with you an explanation of an idea or a term. The understanding of the topic will simplify upon reading the essay.

Argumentative essay

Investigating any particular topic will simplify when you write an argumentative essay. This starts with the collection and evaluation of concrete evidence which supports your claims.

Critical essay

Critical essays are written for the analysis and evaluation of a body of text. Besides stating the ideas put forth in the piece of text, a writer also shares evidence to support these ideas.

After this short overview of the types of essays, let us take a look at some tips that make your essays thoughtful and compelling.

How to write essay in English: Tips to write thoughtful and compelling essays:

1.      Carefully go through the prompt

Essays written for scholarship applications or class assignments are likely to include a prompt. This prompt either tells you what you should be writing about, or shares some possible topics with you.

Carefully go through this prompt such that you can center down upon an effective subject to base your essay.

2.      Choose an interesting topic while the circumstances permit

There are cases wherein you can select a topic of choice when writing essays. So, if you have a choice, select a topic that is intriguing. Choosing a topic that you’re passionate about is another option at your disposal.

3.      Reliance on a single research source is not recommendable

Multiple research sources are going to be a source of additional information. This keeps the arguments well-rounded and induces an angle of originality in your essay.

The top sources at your disposal are books, online journals, videos, and web databases. You could also refer to primary sources such as movies and novels. Mention the references in your bibliography.

4.      Create an outline

Use a graphic organizer to organize your points before you start writing an essay. Mention where the information needs to go in the draft. Consider how you’ll connect the ideas with one another.

5.      Keep grammar, spelling, and punctuation up to date

If your drafts are up to date, drafting them in the final essay won’t take long.

6.      Keep the vocabulary up to date

If you feel the need to diversify your writing by using new words, using a dictionary or a thesaurus will deliver the best outcomes for your requirements. Avoiding abbreviations helps create a professional tone.

7.      Critically evaluate the evidence

Before you quote or back the evidence, be sure about what is being said. Checking the credentials of the author will give cues about the further course of action that you should be taking. Arguments should be backed by research throughout your essay.

8.      Keep the conclusion strong

A strong conclusion brings credibility to your essay and impresses the reader with your essay writing skills.

9.      Be specific

Specific details, such as numerical data and historic facts will keep your readers engaged. This will bring essence to your arguments.

10. Consider how

Keep the how factor strong in your essays as this relates the cause better with the effect. The understandability of the content being shared enhances. You’d have more points at hand to discuss and the readers’ trust in your essay enhances.

11. Proofreading is important

Find and correct the punctuation, grammar, or spelling errors in your essay before you share it. Asking a friend to proofread it and getting his opinion is also a good idea in this regard.

12. Practice writing essays

If you write sample essays on random topics, it makes you more confident regarding your writing.

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