There are cases wherein our clients come to be dissatisfied with our services and expect a refund for the payment that they had transferred over to us for doing their assignments. A student may wonder if he is eligible for a refund or not. It is hence that we have formulated this refund policy. This should resolve your doubts regarding the mechanisms of refund.

Students, initially, contact us for several reasons. They may be facing difficulties completing their assignments on time, or they may be finding it difficult to understand an academic concept. In either case, we help the students out to the best of our ability. This makes the students confident regarding their education and secures good marks for them as well.

Let us consider the circumstances that make you eligible for a full or partial refund of your payments:

  1. When you feel that the payment includes a surplus not notified to you in advance

Contact our customer care immediately. They’d issue a refund for you.

  1. If our experts do not meet your deadlines

You are eligible for getting a refund in this case, but you take either the refund or the assignment. Now, if you have been careless in sharing instructions for the assignment and that is what has caused the delay, then, we won’t consider you eligible for a refund.

  1. You feel that the content is copied

All content that we share with you is 100% original, always and without a fail. But if you feel that some section is plagiarized, we’ll rework it for you, free of charge. This section does not deem you eligible for a refund.

  1. You change your mind

After sharing project requirements, if you feel that you do not want the assignment, we still cannot refund your payment made towards this assignment. What we can do is do another assignment for you instead of the initial assignment. This will also be the case only if our writer has not begun work on the first assignment.


In case you want your payment refunded, we will request you to ask for it in reasonable timelines. Once the payment has been made to the assignment writers, extracting the money from them is not easy. So, we share our work only with professional writers who have a commendable track record, to avoid such circumstances altogether.

P.S. For all categories except those mentioned in this document, you are not eligible for a refund.