The United Kingdom has many top universities list in the world that can assist you when you want to study abroad. If you want to take admission to these universities, this information is the perfect guide for you. Let us take a look at the top 10 universities in the UK.

The top 10 universities in the UK:

1.     The University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is ranked first on this year’s list of the top university in the United Kingdom. It is currently the world’s number one institution for the sixth year in a row. Oxford received near-perfect marks for its teaching, research, citations, and worldwide outlook ranking categories.

2.     University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is the world’s fourth-oldest university, with a total score of 94.6. Five of the six Times Higher Education rating categories were nearly ideal for the university: teaching, research, citations, international outlook, and overall impression.

3.     Imperial College London

As a science-focused college, Imperial College London is located in the heart of the English city, estimates that overseas students make up 59 percent of its student population. Imperial College London has an amazing 11.3 students per faculty member. However, the university might seek to increase its female-to-male student ratio of 40 to 60.

4.     UCL

UCL was England’s first institution to admit women on equal terms with males. The university’s stability can be ascribed to its near-perfect worldwide orientation and citation scores. It has the highest score on the list for this ranking criterion. However, UCL is one of the UK institutions with the lowest industry income on the list.

5.     London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

The London School of Economics and Political Science is one of the world’s top social science universities. LSE also tops the list in terms of the percentage of international students enrolled. International students make up an amazing 72 percent of the student body, according to the college.

6.     University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is one of the seven historic top universities in the UK, Britain, and Ireland. The female-to-male student ratio at the university could be improved. Despite receiving a lower score for this ranking category, the University of Edinburgh does an outstanding job of creating an atmosphere in which international students wish to study, with international students accounting for 44 percent of its student population.

7.     King’s College London

King’s College London is located in the heart of the city. The university also houses Europe’s largest healthcare learning center. Given its strong scores in research, citations, and worldwide outlook, it’s no surprise that it ranks 35th internationally and 7th on the list of best UK universities.

8.     University of Manchester

The University of Manchester, located in the busy metropolis of Manchester, is well-known for its worldwide influential research. The University of Manchester is the largest university in the United Kingdom. However, with a score of 45.6 in industry income, the university should strive to improve.

9.     University of Warwick

The University of Warwick was established in 1965 and it is of the top 10 university in the UK for masters. The university makes up for it with high citation and international outlook scores. The University of Warwick receives a good 65.4 out of a possible 100. International students account for 43 percent of the university’s population, making it a friendly alternative for students interested in studying abroad.

10.University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow was formed in 1451, making it the world’s fourth oldest university. The institution is located in Glasgow, Scotland’s creative and cultural capital, and it has nearly ideal grades in terms of international orientation and citations.


This article takes a look at the top 10 universities in the UK. You can seek admission to any of these universities if you meet the selection criteria.