When students get down to writing essay assignments, they are frequently concerned about how long their essay needs to be. However, there is no one-size-fits-all response to this answer because several factors work toward defining how long an essay needs to be. The paper’s purpose works towards defining the length, and so does the audience. So, these factors need to be kept in mind before writing an academic essay.

Further, there are also cases wherein a student is given specific requirements by his educational institution regarding how long his essay needs to be. A few such essays that need to be written could be for college admission purposes.

Factors that define an academic essay’s length

Often, a combination of different factors works toward defining the ideal length of an essay. The top among them are:


Some topics are typical and seek additional explanations to ensure a better understanding for the reader. This makes an essay longer.


Essays that cover an in-depth explanation are going to be longer. On the other hand, if it is a short overview that primarily comprises the body of an essay, then your assignment will be shorter.

Type of essay

The tone of an essay defines its length. Your essay could be persuasive or narrative.

Academic level

Essays written by university or college students are frequently longer and more complex as compared to the ones that high school students write.

Best practices for writing an essay:

A student should keep some best practices in mind when writing an academic essay. This renders effects on the presentation and readability of the essay and ensures good marks for the student. Similarly, defining the essay’s length also simplifies this way. An essay should comprise of:


The length of the introduction part should be in the line of 10% of the total academic essay length. It is then preferable to ensure that the introduction part is to the point and brief. Typically, the introduction starts with some background information about the topic. The first line may cover a question that arouses interest to engage the reader.

Body paragraph

Each body paragraph of an essay should be around 20% of its entire length. It is, then, preferable that the focus of each paragraph is centered on one key idea, with the paragraph discussing all relevant details. Using examples makes your essay self-explanatory.


In many cases, the conclusion part is no longer than 10% of the total length of the essay. The essay’s main points are herein discussed, and so is the final closing or call to action.

If you write a high school essay, you may choose to limit your work to 300- 1000 words. But, the teacher’s instruction and the topic’s complexity help define these factors. When I write my essay for me cheap, this matter forms an important focus area.

Now, a college admission essay is going to be shorter than a college-level essay. So, 200-650 words should suffice. But heed has to be paid to the university’s instructions. So, do my assignment for me cheap. There are several assignment writers near me.

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